Wheely 8

About this Wheely 8 game

Wheely 8, the 8th episode of the amazing Wheely series made by Pegas Game, is a fun-addicting adventure game. The theme of this sequel is aliens and UFO. On a nice sunny day, Wheely and Jolie are having a picnic when suddenly something unexpected happens. A UFO comes out of nowhere and falls hard on the ground, exactly where our couple are enjoying their peaceful day together. Now, Wheely has to help these poor aliens to fix their UFO get back home..

As other episodes in the series, in this game you will help Wheely overcome all the obstacles to get to the finish line, where his girlfriend Jolie is waiting. But don't forget our alien pals! In addition to help Wheely go back to his beloved girlfriend, you will also have to find 2 hidden objects in each map. These objects will help their alien friends fix their UFO and fly back to their home planet. Succeed in a level and you can unlock the next one with more fun adventure!

The colorful graphics of this game, along with the lovely melody in the sounding effects, will give you a relaxing playing time. Come and play now!

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Game control keys

Use your mouse to control and interact with the game.

Some tips and tricks for you!

If you are stuck, take a look at our walkthrough video that will help.

You have to find all 2 hidden items before Wheely gets to the finishing line in order to get 3 stars!