tube clicker

About this Tube Clicker game

Tube Clicker is a nice clicker game developed by Cangrejo Ideas. The game finds its inspiration from Youtube, a brilliant video-sharing website. In this game you will be a Youtuber with a dream to be famous and successful, so your target is to get as many views and subscribers as possible.

As a starter, your beginning stage will be not easy. Click on the red button on your video to get views. One view will get you some money and 500 views will get you a subscriber. When you earn enough money, you can purchase apps that will earn you more money, such as Auto View will multiply your views automatically. Some apps will need a certain number of subscribers to unlock. Remember to upload new contents to get more views!

The chilling music of this game will provide you with a relaxing playing time. Play hard to become the world's most successful Youtuber!

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Game control keys

Use your mouse to control.

Some tips and tricks for you!

You can purchase apps more than one time to upgrade them and maximize their function.

You can only upload new videos occasionally, so whenever you see the uploading icon, click it at once!

tube clicker Walkthrough