msn games

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Brief Introduction on MSN Games.

MSN games is basically a website whose owner is Microsoft. This site is usually recognised by many people as and it supports games to be played on Windows pc and the surface with Windows RT.

Types of MSN Games.

MSN games include single player games as well as multiplayer games,so if you are bored and want your friends to join you over, you can play with them as well. The games can be played online on your pc and for all the casino lovers, there are Casino video games as well.

There are puzzle games like Sudoko and Zoo Boom, Multiplayer games like Hearts and chess, card and board games like Black Jack and Bingo. You can also play word games like Text Twist and Word Wipe here. These are not all but there are many more msn games available for you!

History of MSN Games.

The very first name of the site was The Village and it was founded by 3 legends, Keven Binkley, Tedd griggs and Hoom Im. The site was then known as Internet gaming zone and now or MSN games.

Most popular MSN games.

The top MSN games include Microsoft Solitaire collection, Microsoft Mahjong, 10×10 classic, bubble shooter (One of my favourite), Jigsaw, Block Champ and Cubis 2.

Most Attractive things about MSN Games.

Since MSN Games can be played with your friends as well, you and your friends can play similar games and once you guys reach on the leader board, you can see your friend's score as well, you can connect on these games through Facebook account as well. After doing this, you will be able to see your friends score updates on the main page!

Moreover, you can win Cash Prizes while playing the game too, it's not very easy but it is possible! So just enjoy your days playing MSN games on your Windows!


Msn Games can be played by players of all ages. There are some online games that does not have good reputation since they can run with a lot of risk involved and then there are many advertisements and distractions during the game, hence, MSN games is a great gaming platform where there are no sort of distractions and plus,these games are trustworthy as well as reputable.