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There are two types of people while playing games: the ordinary people will play in peace and in a usual boring way, and the other one will play it in a fun and crazy way. Which type of person are you? If you are the second one, you can't ignore this crazy game catalog, because they suit both boys and girls and of course, for those who like to play games with a little different. But id you are the first type, you shouldn't ignore this catalog as well. Why? Because it will give you opportunities to do things that you have never done once in life.

Crazily play crazy games, why not?

As you know that life is all about looking for happiness in the little things, and this genre appears to help you find that. On, you can find a lot of crazy games for free and always be available. If you want to spend time playing games and find some crazy games, this category will serve you with many choices of the craziest games that you can be burned. Do not play these games too many times, if you don't want to be mad, bro!

You may find yourself in most popular games such as crazy car games, crazy shooting games, crazy fighting games, and other popular ones.

Would you like to take a look at this exciting and free catalog?

It is difficult for us to sum up the fun of this crazy online game genre in a few sentences. Because you know, only when playing directly, you can feel all. These games are not just about fighting, cars, or puzzles for free, but they are a mixture of cool things to mix in.

You might ask that What makes crazy car games different from the usual car games? Oops, in a typical car game, you can choose to race on some ugly track and outrun other cars. But in a crazy car game, things will be exploding everywhere, and your full-speed car is being chased by the police.

Or when playing shooting games, killing bad guys, finding weapons, hitting targets, etc., you may find many interests. Look, although it is quite similar to a classic shooter and requires experienced players, it still contains something different. If you've mastered a lot of free shooters that you want something different, try our crazy shooting games.

Have you seen the difference yet? This whole category is inspired by other types and makes them more complex, fun, and of course, more interesting.