Super Smash Flash 2

Basic Necessary information of the Super Smash Flash 2 game:

Super Smash Flash 2 is a game famous for fun and unique gameplay. This is a flash game that was developed by Cleod9 Productions, and McLeodGaming released it. As the second part of this series, it is often called SSF2. The game is widely recognized as better than the first version, and you can experience it on any web browser as long as you have a stable internet connection.

You will find that Super Smash Flash 2 inspired by Super Smash Bros. When it has quite a lot of characters in this legendary video game for PC. However, there are still many other characters from popular anime that you can use. The game world in SSF2 is a fantastic world with fun fights between characters from different anime universals. Below is important information about this game; keep reading!

SSF2 has awesome gameplay!

SSF2's gameplay is not the same as the traditional fighting games you have ever played. There will be a percentage of damage, and it will appear every time your character is attacked. This percentage will accumulate and increase. When the percentage of damage is high, you will easily be defeated.

The control system in the game is also very friendly and easy to use. Even if this is the first time you entered a match in SSF2, you can control your character easily.

About the game modes, you have three main ways to experience, they are Time, Stock, and their combination. If you play in Time mode, when you defeat an opponent, you will have one point and vice versa, you will lose a point if you are defeated or you fall off the ring. When the time of the match is over, the player with the most points will be the champion. In case many players have the same score, there will be a final battle. If you play in Stock mode, you will have some "lives". When your HP drops to 0 or you fall off the ring, you lose 1 life. The battle will end when only one player remains on the ring.

SSF2's character system is outstanding

SSF2 characters are all familiar to you because they come from popular anime universes. They will have skills that are similar to the original version and their looks are, too. I really like the way Cleod9 Productions developed the skill system in SSF2. Each character will have three skills, including common skill, special skill, and final skill (called Final Smash).

The game is also very good at challenging players through the achievement system. If you are a newbie, you will only be able to play certain characters. You must fight, become a winner, and complete some missions to unlock new characters. Don't expect new characters to be stronger than starter characters. The power and skills of the characters in Super Smash Flash 2 is quite balanced. Each character will have their own strengths and weaknesses. So, why do you have to try to unlock a new character? I'm not you and I can't answer this question for you. But if it was me, I used to play this game hundreds of times and every time I realized that I had unlocked a new character, I felt happy. Don't pay too much attention to unlocking characters, just play the game the way you want. Immerse yourself in battles and then, you've unlocked some characters to use for the next match. Is it amazing?

Okay, now is the time for me to introduce some of my favorite characters in this game:

The starter fighters:

  • Mario: Of course, it must be him. He is very cute and he can fire fireballs, a typical skill in Super Smash Bros.
  • Link from The Legend of Zelda: I like this character because he has a beautiful sword.
  • Meta Knight from Kirby: maybe you like Kirby, but I like the appearance of Meta Knight. He is very cool!
  • Pikachu: try to control this Pokemon once and you will find that it is the right decision.
  • Luffy: Yes, he is in this game. This is an interesting character.

There are still many other characters like Sora, Goku, Ichigo, Naruto ... but I will let you experience them by playing this game. Next, we move to unlockable characters. There are 6 unlockable characters in SSF2, they are:

  • Waluigi from Wario.
  • Pichu from Pokemon.
  • Krystal from Star Fox.
  • Simon from Castlevania.
  • Rayman from Rayman.
  • Sandbag from Super Smash Bros.

The rings in SSF2 is very interesting

They have different terrains and they often have abyss, a dangerous place for all players. If you fall into the abyss, you will lose 1 life. In addition, each ring has its own characteristics. You can fight at Galaxy Tours, where you will appear on Starship Mario. You can select Jungle Hijinx and fight on the slopes, don't forget to jump on the cannon to shoot yourself at a high speed. And you can also choose Castle Siege when it starts on the roof of a castle, it will fly to the hall, and finally, it will fly to a mysterious underground area. Similar to the character system, you will also have unlockable stages to conquer.

What do you know about items in Super Smash Flash 2 game?

They are power-ups that appear randomly on the ring. They can appear at any time and you can pick them up to take advantage. However, these items are divided into four main classes: Battering, Throwing, Shooting, and Recovery. They are very familiar because they can be weapons or items of characters in their universe, typically Blood Sword in FINAL FANTASY, Firework in Super Smash Bros., and Master Ball in Pokemon.

How to play:     

In the default control, you use 1 to Taunt, U to Grab, Space to Pause, I to open Shield, O and P to do Special Attacks, WASD to move.

You can customize keys corresponding to actions like Taunt and Pause, Jump Up and Jump Down, Move to the left and Move to the right, Dash and Grab, Special Skill and Activate the Shield. Go to the options section and assign the keys that match your wishes. Can be customized for all four players.

Tips and tricks you should know:

The game still has Expansion Characters. These characters are not in the official game and you must download to experience them. These characters can be created by other players around the world.

You can unlock special pokemons with Poké Balls. Assist Trophy is also the place where you can unlock special characters.

With SSF2, you have about 17 new items, 17 new maps, and 5 new mini modes.

Of course, your goal is to take down as many opponents as you can. The best way to get points is to push them to the abyss.

Stay away from locations near the abyss and collect power-ups as soon as you can.

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