Splix.io is a beautiful and exciting io game. Take a look at this great title here on gamesbly.com. Once you get into this game, you will control the snake, which moves automatically to go and back to the place of your color to expand this. Plus, you have to join in combat against other players to get a bigger area. At the time you extend your site, you have to ensure that other snakes can't hit your snake, or the game will end! Aside from playing solo, you can invite your friends to take part in a co-op match.

The biggest aim of this game is to conquer as much area as you can with your cube snake. It seems so simple, right? But in reality, it's not. During playing the game, you have to create loops with your snake. And you have to gain all blocks within the circle because of these links back to your land. Then, you can control all of these areas.

You have to take notice that when other players hit into your ground, you will die. Therefore, you must think a lot and try to avoid being crushed when making new territory. When you feel your land is safe enough, you can leave this area to attack from other players.

A special of this game is that it allows you are playing on a team with lots of payers from all over the world! And you know that team-based action is exciting and epic. Attempts to co-work with your teammates to be the owner of the whole map and destroy other players' areas. Plus, your teammates can also help protect your territory and ensure that you have filled your blocks.

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Game developer.

This game was developed by Jesper the End

Game release day.

July 2016

Control system.

WASD or Arrow keys - move your snake

Splix.io popular .io game on Gamsbly

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Great tips and tricks.

If you feel bored while playing alone, why don’t you try to play with other friends?

Expand as many areas as possible to be the conqueror of the map