Shell Shockers

Shell Shockers -

Shell Shockers io is one of my favourite multiplayer first person shooting games that enables me to socialize with other players and reach to the top of leader board while leaving behind outstanding shooters! With the players disguised as eggs, just defeat your enemies and clear your way. You are a player in the body of an egg, you have to select the type of egg you want to be and play the game while shooting other players or eggs. Well, while playing the game, just make sure that you are well equipped with the weapons; My favourite is Scramble Shotgun! Play the game and find out your favourite one. All you just have to do is press the enter key and END OF YOUR OPPONENTS!

The Developer.

The developer of this game is Blue Wizard Digital and it was released on 2017.

How to play Shell Shockers?

  • You can use your mouse to help you move or W: Forward, A: Left, S: Backward, D: Right.
  • Secondly, use LMB to fire.
  • The key E to help you change your weapons as per your choice.
  • Key R to help you reload.
  • Key Q enables you to throw grenade.
  • Space -  Jump

All such controls can be configured though the Settings menu. Show your enthusiasm and win the game!

Shell Shockers unblocked.

Apart from studies, entertainment is equally important but many schools do not understand this which is one of the major reasons why such games get blocked! Try not to worry, Gamesbly brings you the opportunity to play your favourite game, shell Shockers unblocked and to relax yourself! Unblocked games are the solution of my problems in school! It can become yours too! Not just in schools, but it can be blocked in any institute or place, therefore, don't stop!

More About the game.

There are around 6 classes of eggs and out of these classes, you have to choose one. Remember that every class has different weapons. Realize your inner talent and knock down your enemies! Just like Shell Shockers, you guys may also try playing other interesting online games on and enjoy your day to the full! If you have any suggestions let us know below!