Run 3

Run 3 is a funny and exciting casual game that brings you many funny challenges. Once you enter the world of this game, your mission is to jump over many walls and obstacles in a long road in space. The game will give you many choices on the characters you like. However, all of them are locked, and you have to pass the levels or earn enough money to play full of them. The character in this game is so lovely that you only want to touch it now.

On the way you move, there are many space holes, and your mission is to jump and avoid these holes. They are more dangerous than you thought as to when you fall, you will lose the game. Your character is so small that you sometimes have to make a long jump to pass all the holes and obstacles. The games not only stop at containing many holes for you to enjoy. They also feature some barriers for you to challenge your jumping skill.

These obstacles will appear unpredictably, and you have to be careful. If you touch these obstacles, you will also lose this game. The game also has many levels for you to play. However, you have to pass the old classes to gain a new one. So, if you want to know more funny holes and engaging challenges, you should give all the levels. Moreover, if you gain a new level, it also unlocks the characters for you to play. Thus, try your best to pass all levels.

Game Developer

Joseph Cloutier developed this game

Game Release day

June 5, 2014

Control System

Use the up arrow or space to jump

Use left/right arrows to move left/right

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Great tips and tricks

You have to watch out for the holes as when you get down them. You will lose the game

Remember that when you bump into the walls, your screen will rotate