Powerline.io is an impressive io game that you can enjoy here on gamesbly.com. This exciting game is the creation of an enormous electric light! The old Nokia snake game inspires this game. Instead of being a snake, you will take the role of an electric light, which wants to be longer by collecting energy crystals.

Throughout the game, you have to move around the area and try to cut off your enemies to destroy the. And don't you know that this is the way you can get more energy crystals? If you want to kill an enemy, you have to block their path and make these player’s heads section touch your body.

When you successfully did that, you can destroy them and, of course, harvest their energy to be bigger. The game also features a special speed boost for you to attempt to move ahead of other players. This speed boost will make your size smaller, so let use it carefully. You have to watch out of the outer border area. Because when you hit the border, it will destroy your electricity immediately.

There is a chat for you to communicate with other players. Press T to talk. You have to know that the multiplayer mode is frantic, so you have to change and continue moving to avoid destruction. Powerline.io is a challenging and cool game. Can you still alive and become the crowned king in this dangerous world?

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Game developer

Profusion Studios created this funny title

Control system

WASD - move

Powerline.io popular .io game on Gamsbly

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Great tips and tricks

Don’t forget to get close to other snakes to boost and eat more food

Try to cross other players to kill them and make them be your food