paper minecraft

Paper MineCraft Gameplay of this video game:

Paper MineCraft is one of the most exciting survival games. The graphics of this game is similar to the famous MineCraft games and you can experience this game on the flash web.

You can choose to play offline on your PC or you can visit other players' online maps via "Example Worlds" to see their works of art.

The Offline mode consists of many mini-modes such as Survival, Peaceful, Creative. Moreover, you can customize anything in your world as you wish.

Your tasks and goals vary depending on what mode of play you have chosen. Nevertheless, Paper MineCraft offers you an open world. That means you can do anything in this game, even some crazy stuff no one have ever thought of. Make the most of your imagination to build the world you've always dreamt about!

However, as you play, beware of your enemies in the game, which are sickening zombies, wild animals any many more dangerous creatures... that will attack you, causing you to lose blood and die. Play the game now!

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Game Control Keys:

Use WASD to move.

Use mouse to place or dig blocks.

Use E to open chest or inventory.

Use F to eat items.

Use space to drop/split items.

Use P to pause the game.

Some Helpful Tips And Tricks For You:

Do not let a zombie or wild animal attack you because your health gauge will be affected.

Have difficulties in searching for chests? Look on the map and they will give you valuable resources.