About Paper io. 2 is a multiplayer snake game which is mainly for the people who are fond of adventures and challenges. The game is about a snake, you have capture more and more area around you and at the same time, you should avoid your enemy from killing you as another snake can hit while forming the line outside your territory.

About The Game.

This game has different servers and the player feels comfortable to choose the appropriate modes which they think will be suitable for them. There is the FFA mode which allows any player to play. Then comes the faster server; the players who are very good at playing the game and can play very well, can choose this. Another is the slow server which the beginners can opt for if they take time to understand the game for their survival. Then is my favourite, small area mode which means that the player has to play in a smaller area with great competitiveness and should be very skilled at this game because the competition increases in this mode.


This version is inspired by the 2 game by Voodoo. and Voodoo more games is

How to play Paper io?

You can use the arrow keys or the WASD keys to control the snake.

How can you score more and what is the game all about?

  • The more time you take in playing the game and survive, the more score points you get.
  • The more competitors you manage to defeat, the more score points you can get!

Paper io unblocked.

So, after so much consideration, we are here with paper io unblocked, being a multiplayer game, we have a lot to offer. Whether you are at your office or at your school, you can enjoy playing 2 unblocked.


Paper io is simple to play where you just have to take control of more and more gaming area and protect yourself from other players who can block you from capturing more and more area! Just make sure that as soon as the game gets over, you save your score to take place in the leader board and I hope you reach the top!

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