Winter Clash 3D

About Winter Clash 3D – Gamesbly

Want some twist in the Christmas? Winter Clash 3D is a great multiplayer sniper third person shooting game that is mainly Christmas themed in winter. The Gameplay is really simple, you are a Santa Claus and the other Santa Claus are your partners. Shoot the enemies by aiming and collect weapons found on your way! While shooting, just make sure that you also don’t get shot by the opponent!

Developer of the game.

The game is developed by Freeway Interactive and was released in the year 2019 in December.

What makes the game more interesting?

This game is an HTML 5 game and is very unique. You can upgrade your health level and boost your weapon’s life as well! This will increase your survival chances! Other than that, you can zoom in your aim to give better and accurate shots! The graphics of this game is amazing and the sound system is also impressive.

Where can the game be played?

The platform of this game is your web browser.

How to play the game?

  • Use the Arrow keys or WASD keys for movement.
  • In order to crouch or collect the weapon, you need to press the C Key.
  • For aiming, use the right button of the mouse.
  • For shooting, use the left button of the mouse.
  • To jump, press the space bar.
  • To see the score table, you need to press the tab key.

Winter Clash 3D UNBLOCKED

Winter Clash 3D and many other games can be blocked in some institutions for some purposes, therefore, you cannot play the game. Hence, we offer you to play Winter Clash 3D Unblocked!

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