Vex 3

About Vex 3

Vex 3, released in August 2014 by Amazing Adam games, is an amusing platform game. The huge success of the prequels, Vex and Vex 2, has inspired the release of Vex 3 along with Vex 4, its sequel. The gameplay of Vex 3 and its two prequels are pretty much alike. In this game, you’ll continue to play as the black stickman as you make your way across even more unknown lands with numerous deadly traps and conquer whatever challenges standing in your way.

If you have played two previous games and think that this one will be a piece of cake to you, think again because the obstacles and challenges in Vex 3 are much harder to overcome due to the game's complex terrain. Besides, players will be ranked Gold, Silver or Bronze depending on the time they complete a mission.

Besides that, in each stage, you’ll see lots of additional wooden boxes, icy roads or hanging ropes that don't appear in the previous games. These items will help you overcome some challenges in the game. However, there will also be some fast spinning saw blades, flying darts and many more dangerous things that you must be aware of.

Another thing that makes Vex 3 different from its previous instalments is that this game replaces the Achievement system with Trophies. In here there are 4 main sections: Acts, Hardcode, Awesome stuff and Completion with a total of 39 goals for you to achieve. Go and conquer them all!

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How to play:

Use arrow keys or WASD to move the black stickman.

Jump from side to side to climb up the walls.

Press the down arrow key when standing on the acting block to play new acts.

Some great tips and tricks for you:

You can continue from the nearest save point.

Pause/resume/restart and turn on/off the sound effects in the game screen.

There are more instructions for each obstacle in this game. Do follow the instruction to beat the challenge.

Clear your cache if your game gets laggy to help to boost your game speed.

Vex 3 Walkthrough