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Are you bored of loneliness? Why not try Return Man 3? Return Man 3 is an American football 2D game that lays an aim for the player to score a touchdown, while running after catching the ball, either in a grass field or a snowfield. Well, the game is based on a single player; a football player who needs to catch the ball while reaching on the yellow circle before their opponent does. When you finally catch the ball, the opposite team will run after you and try to snatch the ball from you, so it’s better if you run quickly and you stay between your defenders. You may also find power ups in between your way too.

About the Game and the Developer:

The developer of this game is MiniMonsterMedia and the game has other parts as well like the Return Man and Return Man 2. So, Return Man 3 is the new part. This game is different from other football games because of its amazing graphics and the sound system. Along with that, the game helps you to have control over yourself as you learn to be quick in order to catch the ball.

Interesting features of Return Man 3:

  • The game consists of 15 stages which you will unlock one by one.
  • You have unlockable defenders who will defend you.
  • You are given special moves as you proceed on with the game.

How to play?

You can use the arrow keys or the IJKL keys to move.

Once, you have unlocked the special move, you can use ASD keys.

A tip for the game.

  • Beware of the snowfield while running, you can slip and lose.
  • You should learn to dodge the other team players as they can come on your way from any direction, so you should be alert of them and reach the spot line before you run out of time.

Return Man 3 unblocked.

Well, some places block the games and therefore, people cannot play their favourite games. Hence, we have Return Man 3 unblocked so that you can play this wonderful game wherever you want to.

Popularity of the game.

Return Man 3 is played by around million users and have received ratings of 9.2/10 by more than 10,000 players. This Game uses Flash and is a good game to go with.

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