Gun Mayhem 2

About Gun Mayhem 2 Game

Gun Mayhem 2, developed by Kevin Gu, is the follow-up to its first chapter in this shooter game series.

The sequel has a lot of fascinating updates for players to experience. You can select to play between two modes Campaign and Custom. The Campaign consists of up to 16 stages and you can slowly unlock map after map while playing, while Custom mode comprises 7 stages with interesting missions and you can customize your own game. For instance, in Custom mode, you can choose random weapon boxes appear or set the number of lives you have for each match... If you want more dares, the game also has a Challenge feature which includes 7 challenges and to conquer each challenge, you must complete a certain task.

The new Perks system is also a remarkable feature in Gun Mayhem 2. There are 13 Perks and while playing the game, you’ll see that these Perks can come in handy. The choices of guns have been increased to 85 and the Test Weapon feature will help you try each one out by showing you what types of weapons fit with what types of terrain.

Do you want to try something more? This amazing shooting series also comprises first Gun Mayhem and Gun Mayhem Redux for you to play if you have experienced Gun Mayhem 2. Have fun!

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Game control keys:

To move, Player 1 use the arrow keys and Player 2 use WASD

To throw the bombs, Player 1 use X and Player 2 use Y.

To shoot, Player 1 use z and Player 2 use T.

Some great Tips for you!

The weapon boxes contain stronger weapons. Pick them up!

Never come near to the bombs if you don't want to be blown up when they explode.

Gun Mayhem 2 Walkthrough