Give up, Robot

About the game Give up, Robot:

Matt Thorson along with his team developed the game, Give up, Robot which was then released in the year 2010 in the month of August. This game is based on a robot with an attacking hook which he uses to protect himself from different obstacles and survive throughout the game until his journey is completed.

The best part of the game is the sound. As the level is completed you hear a very pleasing sound Give up Robot and We are no longer friends. Not only this, but it has a great background sound which makes this game unique from other games.

About the gameplay.

The game is simple when we say that you just have to keep the robot out of the obstacles, however as you move on with the game, it becomes more challenging; the levels become harder. You have to complete these levels as soon as possible to score more. There are two types of modes;

Normal Game Mode

This mode gives you 50 levels. Your difficulty increases with the gain in levels where you are introduced to spikes that keep on spinning and you have to avoid it from touching along with lava lanes. Once you complete the ten levels, you then are showed the screen and the time along with your score.

Hard Game Mode.

Once you complete all the 50 levels, you can enjoy the hard game mode too.

How to play?

  • Use the arrow keys to move left or right or swing.
  • X or S key to help you jump the robot.
  • In order to grapple press A, you can use up and down key to set yourself.

Give up, robot unblocked:

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Question that is mostly asked while playing give up robot unblocked?

Which levels are the hardest?

To be very precise, the hard mode have around 11 different difficult levels and the normal mode also have around 3 hard levels such as the level#48, level#42 and level#38.