Getaway Shootout

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Getaway shootout is a 2D shooting  and racing game which means that it can be played either by a single player or two player depending on you. If you want to play with your friend, then you can choose two player mode. Otherwise, single player mode is also amazing.

About the Gameplay of the game.

Well, when we talk about racing games, getaway shootout can never be forgotten. It’s an excellent racing game among four competitors and you have to prove to be the fastest. After choosing the mode, you will get the chance to choose the player of your own choice. Every player will have it’s own abilities. The classes of the player includes standard, action and many more.

What's most challenging in the game?

Now comes the challenging part of the game; You cannot move the normal way, your player can just move right or left and also can jump. That's it!

How to play?

  • For Player #1.

Key W: To help jump to the left.

Key E: To help jump to the right.

Key R: To help use the power up and weapons.

  • For Player #2.

Key I:  To help jump to the left.

Key O: To help jump to the right.

Key P: To help use the power up and weapons.

Getaway shootout unblocked.

Many people complain that they cannot play getaway shootout because the game is blocked for various reasons. Hence, gamesbly brings them an opportunity to play getaway shootout unblocked which means that they can now play the game without any worries of being blocked.

Some tips for the game:

  • It will take for you to use the controls perfectly so don't get worried too early.
  • If you keep on playing and you go well, other characters will be unlocked.


Getaway Shootout is a great game where you have to complete your objective before anyone else does through collecting different weapons and power ups on the way. So complete the objective before any other competitor does and win the game! on Gamesbly you can play best online MSN Games and bubble mouse blast much more games