is a simple but addictive shooter game. Once you get into the world of on In this game, your territory not only can be built easily but it also can be broken anytime by the attacks of your enemies.

In the beginning, you have to make a nickname to join the attractive flying battle with other players. The game doesn’t contain one mode but up to four modes for you to choose from including FFA, Team, Defuse and E-FFA. also features a Tourney mode which is a big battle for all players to experience and directly kill each other. But if you want to join in this mode, you have to wait until its open.

In FFA and E-FFA, you have to conquer as many areas on the map as possible. In Defuse, you are divided into team and you have to protect your team’s bomb spot. There are 8 teams with a distinct color of 6 players in team mode and their mission is to cover as much space of the map as possible.

Another special point is that the game also allows you to change the skin and your planes. Numerous planes in all types, sizes, and shapes are waiting for you to choose from such as a helicopter, drones, jet, etc. Besides that, you can change the colors you like for your planes. Most of the planes are locked so if you want to unlock all of it, you have to get enough coins.

The coins can be earned through the areas you made. So, the larger your area is, the more coins you will get. Besides the coins, the games also feature the points used to increase the skill while playing a game such as player speed, bullet speed, reload speed, tower shield and so on. Each of these skills will make you faster and stronger. Thus, you can easily conquer the whole map!

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Game developer

It is developed by Exodragon Games (Florent)

Game release day

11 January 2018

Control system

Use WASD or arrow keys to move

Use Right Click or Space to build

Use the mouse cursor to aim

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Great tips and tricks

  • Don’t forget to avoid the enemy line if you don’t want to be broken
  • Try to build up your territory to level up and unlock a superpower at level 20 to gain more powers such as dual fire, clone, speed boost, shield, so on.