is an impressive and attractive .io game in which you control a small creature and you must eat food, evolve, and of course, survive. You have to try to eat as much food and other small creatures as possible to maintain the lives of your creature. The more food you eat, the bigger and safer you are. Eventually, you can become a powerful dragon with a low beginning as a mouse by eating much before.

There are a lot of creatures surround you and waits to eat you whenever you don’t take notice. They can be the small creatures that always want to touch and destroy you to be the food of them. They can be big and dangerous creatures that are willing to eat you immediately. So, you have to as eat as avoid being eaten by them. Good luck!

You will begin this game as a small mouse and join in a "food battle"  in the underwater world. The game will give you four selections of the creature you want to become. Don't forget to eat berries on the way you go so that you can grow faster. Let be bigger with all of the ability you have and grow larger so that you can eat your enemies and gain the “good position” in the battlefield!

Can you be the greater mouse that becomes scary of others or can you only eat along with all other creatures? This question was only answered by the control skill and your confidence.

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Game developer

A Canadian indie developer, Stan Tatarnykov created this game

Game release date:

May 13, 2019

Control system

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Great tips and tricks

You have to be careful with the red outline because when you touch it, the game will end

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