is truly interesting and challenging .io game. Once you get into the challenging world of this game, your mission is to collect resources and construct a village by yourself. The game won’t feature cut trees and rocks for you to gather wood and stones. You all have to go to the forest, or every place has to collect them and then use those resources to construct windmills and walls.

You may ask what we have to build walls, right? The walls will protect your marked resources and, of course, the windmills you have just built. And the windmills will give you points each time it’s full. When you feel hungry, you can hit fruit bushes to prepare food for yourself as well. Moreover, food can also help you to restore HP.

About the goal in this game, you have to level up by collecting as many resources as possible. Through this game, you can select from distinct upgrades when you gain a new level. Another special thing you have to take notice is that other people can be hostile and they are truly damaging to your village. So, aside from building the village, you have to watch out of these players as well.

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Game developer

Sidney de Vries is the developer of this funny title

Game release day

March 2017

Control system

Arrow keys or WASD - move

1 to 9 keys/ LMB  -  select item/building

LMB or space - gather resource or attack other players

E - toggle auto-attack

Q -  quick select food

X -  lock rotation

R -  ping minimap

C -  add a map marker

Enter - chat popular .io game on Gamsbly

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Great tips and tricks

Make sure to be careful of other players that can attack you every time.

Try to gather as many resources as you can to build a strong and beautiful village.