About this Minicraft game

The original Minicraft is an amazing action and survival video game programmed and designed within 48 hours by Markus Persson, the creator of the legendary Minecraft. The Flash version is made by Ed B. Martinez and introduced to you by In Minicraft, you will be in an open world, where you could decide what way to go and adventure to take. For your survival, you will have to collect wood, find and mine materials, make weapons, raise or hunt animals for food, fight enemies and build yourself shelter. There is only one goal to win this game: kill the evil Air Wizard!

At first, when you haven't got any weapons, go and punch trees for some apples and wood. When you collect enough wood, you can make some woody tool like a sword or an axe, or and hoe, and so on. The go and collect other materials, like stone and slime to make more items... When your energy bar goes low, remember to eat something from the Inventory box!

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Game control keys

Use arrows to move around.

Press C to attack.

Press X to open inventory.

Press ESC to pause and save game.

Some tips and tricks for you

Other mobs will damage your health point.

Build fences out of Acorns to avoid the mobs coming in!