Learn To Fly 3

About this Learn To Fly 3 game:

Learn To Fly 3 Idle is literally a super cool clicker game introduced to you by Light Bringer Games. It is a game inspired by Learn To Fly and Learn To Fly 2. In this game, you will have to shoot down icy objects, such as some snowmen, snow banks and ice boulders. Use a destructive cannon to take down as much of these objects as possible.

Each destroyed object will earn you a certain amount of money. Use that money to upgrade the cannon's functions. For example, if the target is too far away, go and upgrade the Launching power of your cannon to reach it. You can also upgrade the base damage, the number of maximum shots and the speed of auto-fire function.

You will also receive research points while playing. Research points will be extremely valuable as you can use those points to multiply damage, increase bullet travel speed, decrease shooting distance to objects and even reduce other upgrading costs. Earn even more research points by finishing tasks given in the achievement section.

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Game control keys

Use mouse to aim the cannon and shoot!

Some tips and tricks for you!

You can turn on/off the auto-fire function and show/ hide more statistics on game screen.