Leader Strike

Leader Strike is a unique first-person shooter game that has special game characters. In this game, you can play as one of the most prominent politicians, like Trump, Kim Jong Un, Putin, to name a few. They are all world's greatest leaders, fighting with fire and fierce in the war for power. Get your gun and finish all the ones standing in your way to the highest ruler of the world!

To start a game, you select the region to play in: Asia, Australia, Europe, America, Japan, and more. Join one of the vacant rooms or create a new one just as what you like. Your roommates will be your allies and together you must kill as many politicians as you can.

You will be given 100 health points, 600 credits and 999 bullets for each new game. Add up to  your credits by killing enemies. Your time is limited, so always in a hurry. By the way, remember to check out the achievement list and try to conquer them all!

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Game control keys

Use your mouse to aim and look around.

Click left mouse button to shoot.

Use WASD keys to move.

Use Shift to move.

Hit Spacebar to jump.

Use right mouse button to zoom in and out.

Press F to refill.

Press C to crouch.

Press R to reload.

Use the 1, 2, 3 buttons to change weapons.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

If you are too lazy to choose, click Quick play to start the game immediately.

Headshots will give you more credits.

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