GrindCraft  game:

GrindCraft which developed by JeTSpice, is an awesome puzzle video game. This quality is a flash game so you can play it on any browser on your computer.

At the beginning of the game, you have to click on the Wood to collect it. Wood will be your basic material when crafting tools and other wood items. There are more than 100 different artifacts waiting for you to unlock. Go and try to make as many items as you can!

Items made of wood includes a wooden pick, a wooden shovel or a wooden sword. Each tool will come in handy in different situations. Use wooden pick for stone and coal, a wooden shovel for shovel dirt and gravel, wooden sword to attack enemies.

With fun gameplay and unique 8-bit graphics, GrindCraft is suitable for everyone in the family. Play and spend some exciting moments together. Also, don't forget that there are plenty more games with the same gameplay for you to experience such as Orion Sandbox, Creep Craft 2 Demo…

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Game control keys:

Use your mouse to interact in GrindCraft.

Some great Tips for you!

Check all the uses of each tool to know clearly about them!

You can play GrindCraft on any browser because it is a flash game.