G switch

 G Switch About this game

G-Switch is one of the best one-button running games that you can not ignore. This game made by Vasco Freitast is simple, yet engrossing and entertaining. In this game, you will control a running robot hero that owns a G-Switch that can reverse the force of gravity. Hence he has the ability to run fast on almost any terrain, without any problem. Your job is to turn on and off the switch constantly to help him jump to another platform and avoid falling to his inevitable doom.

The default Play button leads you to a pre-programmed game with checkpoints and countless replays. In the endless mode, the path is designed endlessly, so the only thing that matters here is your endurance.

One of the key features that make this game interesting to play

is the multiplayer mode. With the simple control of just one key, G Switch gives you the space for up to 6 players at the same time. Challenge your friends, get together at the computer and have some fun!

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Game control keys

To run,

  • Player 1: use X or left mouse button.
  • Player 2: use M.
  • Player 3: use →
  • Player 4: use A.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

In this game, just a small mistake in timing could lead you to a pitiful death. Try to stay focus!

As the Endless mode is designed randomly for each new game, there is no use trying to remember their terrain.

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