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Flip Diving is a free flash sports game with vivid 3D graphics and addictive gameplay. In this exciting game, you can choose one of ten different characters to play. However, when you start this game you can only use standard characters. Your goal is to complete the quests, beat the record, and unlock the remaining 9 unique characters.

Each mission brings you to a unique terrain. To complete a level, you have to jump and make the flip. After that, you must ensure safety when landing on the designated area. Note that if your back is the first part to touch the water, you lose.

There are coins in each area that you can jump to touch and collect them. This is the in-game currency used to participate in mini-games. Through mini-games, you will have new skins or new moves.

Coins will be placed in difficult locations. In addition, you will have to dodge obstacles such as cliffs, rocks, or anything that can hurt you. Good luck and have fun!

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Game control keys:

You will hold and move the mouse to adjust the direction that you will jump. After that, release the mouse to make a jump.

Click and hold the mouse button to make your character perform the flip when he is in the air. Release the mouse button so your character can dive when he is near the water!

Some great Tips for you!

Try to collect many coins to unlock new techniques.

You need to make lots of high-flips (I mean technical with high difficulty) to get more rewards!