Cube Field game

Cube Field is an excellent arcade game. It's an old-but-gold classic game that many people still enjoy playing nowadays. If you haven't had the opportunity to play Cube Field, the control of this game is super simple. All you have to do is drive your plane to either side and avoid the blocks on your way. Try to stay as long as you can on the track without getting knocked by the cubes!

The maze of cubes is randomly arranged in each play and the speed will increase over time. Just enter the real race and the speed will immediately intensify. Hence, don't let the slow-pace at the beginning fools you. Always get yourself ready!

The arts of Cube Field comprise cubic shapes and warmed-tone colors like orange, yellow and red. Despite the simple graphics, Cube Fields will satisfy your eyes. Let's have some relaxing time with Cube Fields!

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Game control keys

Use the left and right arrow keys to dodge cubes.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

Sometimes there is a gap in the wall that you can thread your way through and then just drive around freely for a while.

You can adjust game quality by pressing Q.