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The top most io games?

list of the most popular io games



The io games that can be played on phones and tablets?

Well, there are many children who don't have pc at their homes. Therefore, we have collected some of the io games that can be played on your mobile phones.


What are Io games?

Io games are basically more like real life multiplayer games where people from all over the world can fight with each other and gain their place in the leaderboard. In order to go at the top of the leaderboard, you need to defeat other people and survive till the end. Since all io games are multiplayer they are played with lot of enthusiasm as people are more interested in a game where they are real life opponents.

What is the history behind io games?

The first io game released was and it became so popular that many developers got inspired and developed their own io games. The game was developed by Matheus Valadares in the year 2015 and the game was about the cells which grew after eating agar or other players, you should try to increase the size of your cell.

After one year, another game developer, Steven Howse, developed which also gained unexpected popularity and it was such a great success that in the middle days, it earned around $100,000 per day. To be very precise, the game is about snakes that grow while eating foods and if you hit any other player, then you are out.

In the same year, Matheus Valadares developed and released which also once again was a great success, the success was not more than but still it was a great one.

What are the common features of io games?

Well, all these games are multiplayer games and the players grow while mostly eating or defeating other players and mostly io games are HTML 5 Games.

We offer you various different io games like,,, etc here on We hope that you enjoy your life playing these awesome video games and making your everyday special.