bubble mouse blast

Bubble Mouse Blast About this game

Bubble Mouse Blast is a nice puzzle game for everyone. A terrible curse has embraced the land of the mouse, and now this peaceful land has to face the invasion of some mysterious evil black cats. As the Mayor, your responsibility is to clean out those unwelcome guests, and your task starts at the city opera. Can you bring back peace for your beloved citizens?

To play, use the mousetrap as a cannon and shoot the bubbles with the same colors. When three or more bubbles touch, they'll pop. Earn more and more points by performing longer combos. Moreover, double your points by bouncing the ball to the wall. Clear the stage before the bubbles descend to the dashed line to move on to the next level!

As you play, try to gain all three stars to advance through the city. Notice the star parameter to see how far you are going and retry to gain a better score if you want. This lovely game also has a fun challenge mode where you can win to earn various bonus balls. 6 places and 98 levels are waiting for you to rock them!

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Game control keys

Use your mouse to aim and shoot.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

At any time in the game, you can use Spacebar to change the bubble's color to shoot!

Win the level with the minimum amount of shots to get huge bonus!