Zombocalypse 2

About Zombocalypse 2 game

Zombocalypse 2 is the next sequel of the game series by that name. This shooter game is created by Ironzilla, who is also the creator of Apocalypse, Omega Box and other exciting games. Zombocalypse 2 has almost every of its feature improved: the gameplay, arts and graphics, and above all, more destructive weapons! In this game, you will be playing in an apocalyptic world, and the undead zombies are all over the shop. Armed with a machete, you have to slice off their heads to survive.

Lucky for you, once in a while, there will be crates falling from the sky, containing one of the offensive weapons that will make it easier to kill off the zombies. For example, you can pick up a machine gun, a pistol, a SMG or a shotgun to mention a few. Finish as many zombies as possible to earn killing combos that will boost your score. Moreover, use the killstreaks for massive missiles and kill dozens of zombie within a second!

The zombie can damage you, too, so don't get too close to them. Every now and then, an aid box will fall from the sky and help you improve your health condition.

After each game, your XP will add up to increase your rank. Use the money you earned to upgrade characters, his weapons and abilities to kill more zombies. Unlock new maps and go for new challenges!

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Game control keys

Press left and right arrow keys to move your character.

Press the upper arrow key to use killstreaks.

Press down arrow keys to pick up crates which contain new weapons.

Press Spacebar to use weapons.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

As the zombies will come from both sides, always try to watch out your back and never come near either edge.

Zombies with different colors will have different speeds. Watch them out!

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