About Wormate.io – Gamesbly

Wormate.io is a multiplayer snake game where you have to grow by controlling and eating candies. At first, your snake is very small but as soon as you eating food and candies, the weight of your snake rises and this can help him increase it’s weight more and your snake grows. Since it is a multiplayer io game, you can attack other players; you can also eat other players as snake but remember that they can eat you too so you have to be alert. When you are eating candies, keep on having a look at other snakes too because once they eat you, you are out of the game.

The game features outstanding graphics and you have single player mode as well as team mode to play. You also have a mini map in the game! The game Wormate io is a great multiplayer game that can be played on your browser online. Eat tasty candies, kill other snakes and reach the top of the leaderboard.

How to play the game?

You can control the snake using your mouse and if you want your snake to accelerate then you can click on it.

The Developer of the game.

The developer of this game is Ukrainian named Oleksandr Goodoba and the game was released on 2016 in the month of October.

Wormate.io game is also available on Apple App Store and Google Play.

Wormate.io unblocked.

Wormate.io unblcoked is a great game but there are some places like your school and some offices where you can’t play the game as it gets blocked for some safety purposes! Here, on Gamesbly, we have more io games!


So, all the gamers, Are you ready for such a beautiful game like Wormateio? Try this game to have fun and enjoy! Grow your snake from a cute little one to a big long snake! on gamesbly you can also play more snake type games like. paper.io 2 and slither.io