Whack your boss

Whack your Boss online

I have not witnessed a single person on the face of the earth, loving his/her boss. If this is the scenario than having a game such as Whack your boss is something meaningful. The game has been designed to just let your anger pour out at your boss not in real life but in game. Here you see 24 different ways and tools to whack your boss. Chose the desired tool and trigger a different sequence to show your anger.  The different ways to whack the boss could be beating, fighting, punching, dragging, squeezing, and killing in the end.

In my opinion, some of the bosses really deserve the same, but you cannot carry this out as you are a law-abiding citizen and would not please to break any law.

The concept of the whack your boss game:

There is somewhere humor in the game. The dark humor could be understood in different ways if one wanted.  We have seen in the real world how the employees turned out to be murder just because of the inappropriate and bullying attitude of the bosses. This game allows the employee to get rid of the anger and whack them up using the mentioned displayed dangerous tools. There are as I explained dozens of various ways to kill the boss but some are ultimately full of fun and amusement. Like the way you freely beating him up and or kicking, it seems quite funny imaging the real boss from the real world.

How to Play Whack your boss unblocked?

Each whack your boss sequence ends with the lots of looks and killing the boss character. The game needs nothing but your attention.

You can use the mouse freely and select the displayed lethal gears to kill the boss. There are about 24 different tools which make you kill and beat the boss using any of them. Some of them are lethal enough to kill with one shot. But, you better start with kicking, punching, and dragging. This will make your stirred anger slows down slowly.