Tube Jumpers

Tube Jumpers is a one-button jumping platform game designed for fulling and fun gaming experiences with friends and family. Your goal is to stay on your designated tube for as long as you can, or until all the other players have fallen from their tubes already. The obstacles which will make your tube trip a bumpy one, since your tube will encounter waves and sharks and other hurdles, which can make your tube go up, making your character jump as well. Try your best to lean in and fall on the tube to keep going, and you’ll end up first place easily.

This colorful pixelate game can assure relaxing playtime and fascinating gameplay techniques. Since there is only one button for each player to use and remain alive also, it's about timing that matters most. No strategy, no storyline, and no complicated content included, so you can enjoy this game without overthinking.

Tube Jumpers is a highly addictive jumping game with multiplayer mode included. You can share this gaming experience with approximately 3 more people, so feel free to ask and invite your peers and siblings to join in. It will not be disappointing nor boring.

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Game Developer

This game is developed by Michael Eichler,

Game control keys

Depending on how many players you’ve chosen, it is going to be a single key. The game will give instructions to what those keys are.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

Time your movement and watch out for what's ahead of your tube

If you press the key longer, your character will push forward as hard. So press your key at a moderate level and fall exactly into the tube.

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