Text Twist

Text Twist Game.

Word games are a great source of intelligence and makes your mind sharp. Along with increasing the vocabulary, it develops your interest in alphabets. Text Twist, just as the name resembles, is a word game which is not just my favourite but it became so popular, that Text Twist 2 has also been developed. The games objective is really simple which means that you just have to make more and more words possible from the number of letters you are given. You are given six letters by default and from these six letters, you have to make more and more words within the limited time that is two minutes.

Game Developer:

The developer of this game, text twist is GameHouse and it can be played on your web browser either mobile or desktop.


As soon as the time ends, your words will be checked and that will determine whether you should be moved to the next level or not.

You have a bonus point which can enable you to move to the next level and that is BINGO.

Bingo is a word that is made from all the letters available to you! For example, if you have six words available, you will have to use all the six words and make a word, Bingo. Doing Bingo enables you to directly move to the next level.

However, it is better if you use the time to make more words and increase your points along with your vocabulary.

How to play the game?

You can use the mouse or the keyboard whatever you wish to use and make the words. The space on your keyboard helps you to twist the words; the letters available switch their places and you can play more easily.

Text Twist Unblocked.

Text Twist unblocked allows the user to play the game wherever and whenever you want on Gamesbly. So don't worry about the game getting blocked as we have Text Twist unblocked and enjoy various modes.

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