Tank trouble

About Tank Trouble Game.

Tank trouble is a great multiplayer game played by millions of youngsters who love to fight and want to become the champion. All you need to do is use your tank to attack other players and survive till the end while taking care of your path as your one wrong step of moving to a different path, can make you loose. It is a multiplayer tank game in which you have to find another tank moving in the maze and fire!


There is the special mode called the deathmatch mode in which you are given 60 seconds to defeat other tanks.

There are over all 3 modes:

  • One player mode
  • Two player mode
  • Three player mode

All these modes are supposed to be played on a single computer. While playing a single player mode, you will have to fight against Laika, it is a very active computer controlled tank and you have to terminate it while in the two other player modes, you can play with your friends.

How to play the game?

In order to move your tank around the maze, you need to use the arrow keys. For releasing the ball out of the tank over your enemy to terminate it, you need to press the spacebar.

Now, when you play different player modes, here is how to play the game:

For player# 1: Arrow keys to move and M to fire.

For player# 2: ESDF keys to help you move and Q to fire

For player# 3: Mouse to move and LMB to fire

Release Date.

May 2015

Game Developer.

Subterranean Software developed Tank Troubl

Tank Trouble unblocked.

Along with the game Tank trouble, gamesbly have an additional plus point for your benefit and that is we have Tank Trouble unblocked. There were some settings that were not accessible in the game tank trouble since they were blocked. Hence, in Tank trouble unblocked, we have many more additions, you can see other people's mazes too. You can enable or disable many other options and many more!

We hope you enjoy playing the game, Tank Trouble.You may try other free online shooting games like Defly.io and Bullet Force on Gamesbly.