Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky About the game

Rolling Sky is a fascinating skill game introduced to you by Cheetah Games. This 3D game is perfect for those who are bored with the slow pace of other running games and want some harsh race-tracks. In Rolling Sky, you will roll a ball through a path full of unexpected traps obstacles, with a really high speed. The traps varied from platforms, hammers, gaps and many more. Do not ever think of resting for just a moment when playing because just a second of distraction and you may have to start again from the very beginning.

For this is a tough game to play, you may be defeated for more than a dozen times before conquering a level. But that's what makes this game attractive! Remember, "Without practice there is no glory". In the first several attempts, try to remember the paths and obstacles to make yourself familiar with the game's fast-paced twists and jumps. Practice persistently to achieve the glorious triumph.

Rolling Sky has a 9.0 online rating from 6783 votes and is highly recommended by many players. Try it now and tell us what you think about this game!

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Game control keys

Use A/ D or the left/ right arrow keys to drive the ball to either side.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

Do not try to pick up all the gems in your first attempts. Try to survive first!

As you need absolute concentration, play in full-screen mode to stay away from any annoying notifications!