Rogue Soul 2

About Rogue Soul 2 game 

Argl the coder has come back with his new sequel of the Rogue Soul action game series. This second installment is presented by Soulgame Studio and powered by flash technology. In this game, you must use every skill you own to survive the level while collecting treasures along the way. First of all, play a short tutorial to get used to the gameplay of the game. Then, unlock level after level and discover the unknown lands awaiting for you on the map.

To make it till the end, you need fast reflexes to dodge whatever comes in your way. As you go, try to stay far from the right side if you don't want to be dead before knowing what happened. Notice everything on your way, especially the signs that you come across and strike any unfortunate enemy you run into. Try hard to make massive combos as they'll make you a millionaire.

Spend the cash you earned in the game, called coupons, to buy new upgrades for your character and improve your performance. Besides, if you want some valuable tips, I reckon that you should check out the Soul book. It contains many precious tips that only a pro can master. Moreover, there is also detailed information about your loots and enemies, which may come in handy for you in the game!

play Rogue Soul 2 for free?

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Game control keys

Use the upper arrow key to jump

Use the down arrow key to drop down objects.

Use ← and → keys to move backwards and forwards.

Use Z to slide

Use X to throw objects.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

Is the game not challenging enough for you? Try fast mode, and see if you can survive this intensity of the speed.

The graphic quality can be changed in the game menu. 

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