life the game

Life The Game

Life is one of the greatest miracles of Almighty; life goes so fast that many of us even could not realize it is being passed. Some of the lucky ones get the purpose of life and spend life full of challenges and purposes, and many of us sleepwalk the life and come to death, without knowing we came into this world. Life the game is a great online game, where you get a short glance at your life. In this game you come at the beginning point of the life, being born. And you go the final point of the life, death.

And all of these steps you can see from your own eyes, you can play the game and can live each stage of life. try best unblocked games

Life The Game Unblocked

You can play Life the Game from the landed page; we have given you the online link to play it on your computer. this game type is simulation game

If the link is not been shown on your page, you might have not installed the latest version of flash player, so update that, and soon you will get the live link to play the game.

Tap on the Play Button and get into the game, as you tap on the Play Button, you see the option of getting born, you are getting born, and you can see it...!

The next level of the game is to learn to talk, you need to grab all of the mentioned music icons coming to your ways, and you see that the child who is trying to utter words gets cleaner and smoother in his tongue.

And now, you are a kid and you need to learn, this step comes to end when you solve the little math problems what comes in the test, and promote to the next level.

Now, the next level is puberty, you see pimples on your face all around, you need to click your mouse on the pimples, and see the pimples are cleaning up.

But, if that goes with you, you can think about having a scar surgery, and there is a laughing note in the game regarding having scar surgery.

The next step comes to you about the dating a girl, you need to select the girl from the list for a date.

And you go on a date with the lady you love, the next step is a sport, there is a great exercise to put the impressions of sports no doubt.

In the exercise what mentioned the game in Life the Game, you need to put a little tennis ball into the three little glasses by using a pointer stick.

Now, you successfully come to being internee and getting married and having kids.

In that way, the life takes you to your grand Children, and witch lots of your grandchildren you are playing tennis, and enjoying a lot.

The final step in life is death...!

Everyone has to die, and in the game as well, has mentioned that you will die at the end of the game. But, by playing this game, you at least come to know the major steps, and events of the life some of you have seen most of them, and some will see in their future lives.

But, whatever stage you are at in the life, one should try to be happy all the time and should be thankful to God for giving such an opportunities life.

How to Play Life The Game:

You can use your mouse to move the objects

Left-mouse button to click

P to skip the level of the game

In the end, the final note, "It is said that life flashes before us when death comes, yes it is true because this is called the life"