Earn to die 2

Earn to die 2 exodus About this game

This fabulous driving game is the 2nd sequel in the Earn To Die series and is said to be the biggest and best Earn To Die yet. Earn To Die 2 continues the story line of this racing fictional game series. The world is close to its end, with raving mad zombies all over the place. You, luckily, survived. Now you have to find a way to your very last hope, the only shelter that still stands, all by yourself. In this 4th episode, after a long and rough journey, you reach the deserted Forgotten Hills. But your destination is still millions of kilometers away, and what's waiting ahead is, pretty unknown. Hop on your car and continue this adventure!

There are 3 vehicles in the garage, but only 1 is unlocked. The 2 other cars, which can only be unlocked later in the next stages, have outstanding features and facilities.

To cover further distance, spend money you collected to upgrade your car's performance. For example, install better engine and gearbox to have your vehicle run faster and stronger, while a larger fuel tank enables a longer ride. You can also buy a heavy machine gun that helps you take down those annoying zombies on your way, without wasting any fuel.

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Game control keys

Use the arrow keys to control your vehicle. You can also use WASD instead.

Press Ctrl key for Boost.

Some great tips and tricks for you

If you are going downhill, there is no need to accelerate.

Beware of the rocks on your way! If you're way too fast when encountering them, your vehicle may overturn.