Awesome Tanks 2

Awesome Tanks 2 About this game

Awesome Tanks 2 is an exhilarating shooter game programmed by Alexander Gette and designed by Jurij Krivonos. This sequel of the Awesome Tanks action game series is introduced to you by BigDino Games. In this follow-up, you will be in control of a terrifying armoured vehicle and your mission is to destroy all of the enemy's tanks, towers, bunkers and rockets and, needless to say, without being shot down first. To begin, select the game difficulty you want to challenge yourself with. Then get yourself ready for some thrilling action time!

The feature that makes this game fun to play is that in the game, you will be in a dark and dim area where your visual can only afford to see nearby things. Not knowing what is waiting for you in the blackness, you have to be really cautious and get yourself ready for any eventuality.

Use that money you earned from battles to upgrade your tank and install more destructive weapons, such as a Shotgun, a Ricochet, or a Firethrower. Maximize all your performance and go shoot 'em all!

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Game control keys

Move by using WASD/ Arrow keys.

Aim and shoot with mouse.

Some tips and tricks for you

If you chose the Medium or Hard mode to play and the game turned out to be way too harsh, then you can reset your game in the game screen.

Don't forget to collect war booty from your opponents!