game is a multi player game developed by Shaz; A developer in London. Bonkio provides you the opportunity to compete with different players around the world and defeat them. It is basically a battle game which makes you addicted to it and the player urges to keep on playing it for hours and hours.

Io games are basically the multiplayer games (with an extension of .io) so you may call out your friends and play with each other. The in-game level editor can be used to create a map of your own and play with it. You and your friends can also play on the customised maps created by others as well as you can create one of your own too. This game also allows you to customise your own character but this will not have an impact on the qualities of your character.

How to play the game?

All you just need to do is to press the Play button and you'll be seeing the list of the players online. can be played by 8 players and not more than that. Now who decides the winner? The one who remains till the end wins. Well, the game's screen also decides the winner. Not only this, but you can use the arrow keys of your keyboard to play the game and the X key helps you to get heavier.

How can being heavier help you?

Well, other players keep on trying to push you till the edges and once you get heavier, it will be difficult for them to do this and it will benefit you in other way as well; You can push other player to the edges more easily if you are heavier!

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