Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash game

Hello guys, If you love to play lots of video games, and play it often, then this video game might appeal you to download and play. You even can download this application for your mobile phone, in APK format and can play it online. Geometry Dash is the game of today, which will allow you to jump and fly the way you want in rhythm-based action. Prepare your character to play a near impossible game with quickness and efficiency, you are playing a wonderful game, involves different steps and graphics. You have to fly and make yourself far away from the danger which can tear apart your character to lose you in the game.

Most Splendid game ever played

You are going to pass the different passages and dangerous obstacles; you have to try hard to make the ways from those Sky obstacles.

You should play this simple touch run and fly game at least once in your life. You are going to get lots of amusement, as flying and crossing the obstacles, saving your characters to stick into any of the obstacles, needs proper training, quickness, and efficiency, and you have to do this for competing in the battle.

You will keep yourself entertained for the next week, as being an expert of the game, in a single day would be difficult.

You got the different action platform in the game; the rhythm-based game will make you fall in love with that.

The soundtrack and background music of the game is up to the mark, the graphics are also splendid and actions track are just awesome.

The best part of the game, which I love the most, the level editor in the game, you can create your own editor in the game, can edit the level of the game, can create your own levels and make the character of you look what you want to see him as in.

So, edit the entire game with different levels, make every level of the game different and difficult to easy and go through whatever you want, you can create in this editor. But, to amuse the true taste or to taste the true salt of the game, should try once the default level of the game.

Even can edit the character of Geometry dash

Customize your character, customize the color and look of it, change even the icon and entire shape using the editor in the game.

Adding the rockets, Flip gravity or fly in the airspace of the game will be nothing for you if you cross the first two levels of the game.

The addition of the practice mode would be amazing, suppose, you are a newbie has no idea about the plot, screen and flipping from one size to the other side of the game, then you can enable the practice mode of the game.

Get reward after crossing the milestone

You even got the achievements in the game, if you get so many scores, crosses the extreme level of the game, the application will award you with different rewards.

Last and the least, have no need to pay a single penny to purchase the game, just tap it and have it. You even can play it online on the landing page.

Though there are still some loopholes in the game, and the Geometry Dash community is working hard to get rid of those problems in the development of the game. Like when people play it on a mobile phone and press the pause button, after this there should be three different options to resume the game.

Overall the game got positive word of mouth and got a positive rating, even people are now multiplying.

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