Dead Zed 2

About Dead Zed 2 game

Dead Zed 2 is an excellent title of 3kg Games Studio. This survival game has its program coded by Dmitri Kurteanu and its smart graphics is by Egor and Dimitri Kurteanu. This game takes place in the context of an apocalypse, where people are dying. but then come back to life. They are the lunatic zombies, blinded by hunger. Use your shooting skills to take the undead down and prevent them from entering your shelter. As zombies reach your house, your Barricades point will decrease. Barricades show the state of the shelter against the undead. You can increase your Barricades point by repairing the fences later in the game.

When you have enough resources, explore other destinations in the area for supplies and weapons. You may even run into other survivors and add them to your group. Your Morale point, which increases when you find supplies and survivors, will affect the performance of every person in your group.

In this game, time will be your resource. Earn more time by killing as many zombies as possible. It will be used later on research trips, repairs, and upgrades. Besides, check the upper bar to see how many days has it been since the catastrophe. You are expected to survive for at least 40 days.

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Game control keys

Mouse: aim and shoot

Space: activate range mode

Q: swap weapons

R: reload

F: switch to firing mode

1, 2, 3: detonate (=go off=explode) remote bombs

Some great tips and tricks for you!

Don't be afraid that you will run out of locations to explore. When you've searched all the buildings in the area, the next area will be available!

Make some headshots for more rewards!

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