is genuinely a simple but addictive .io game. Once you get into the world of this game, your mission is to move, control your dots on the screen and eat smaller dots scattering around make your dots bigger. On the way you're moving away from the dots, you have to take notice of other bigger dots, because they will eat you. So, you know that the game will end.

You will begin with a small dot and surround you are larger dots, which is moving to eat you anytime. If these dots are trying to chase after you and you think you have no way to escape from them, then observe around to find out a virus nearby. Why you have to do that? Because it is the greatest hope that you can help to preserve the dot of yours.

As you know that big dots never like viruses. So, the reason for that is when a virus touches bigger dots, their body can be dived into fragments by the virus. So when you hide behind the virus, you can completely avoid being followed by the pursuit of large dots.

You can go anywhere in game space as there is no limitation. Thus, you can take this great advantage to make a trap and beat your opponents. A smart way to do a trap is to put a small dot on the edges of the game. After that, wait for your opponents to come, and you can easily eat them as there is no way for them to run anymore.

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Game developer

A Brazilian developer, Matheus Valadares developed this great title

Game release day

28 April 2015

Control system

Use your mouse - play

Press W - eject mass

Spacebar - split popular .io game on Gamsbly

There are lots of sites that provide the unblocked version of this great title, but once you visit to enjoy this, you may be served with the best things. Not only can you have a smooth experience with thousands of free games but also play at any time or any places you like.

Great tips and tricks

Try to traps or cornered your opponents with the small dots to eat them easily

Take advantages of the virus to divide your opponent's body