2048 cupcakes

2048 Cupcakes About this game

2048 Cupcakes unblocked is a lovely puzzle game that will take any food-lover' heart. Who on Earth can resist the sweetness of the little cupcakes, right? So, for the sake of cupcakes, this adorable version of the legend 2048 is introduced.

In the classic version, you move all tiles on game screen to make powers of 2 and go on until you reach 2048. And in this game, the rule hasn't changed. But all the numbers have been replaced with all types of colorful, delicious cupcakes, varied from sweet vanilla to cool Choco mint. Discover all the yummy flavors and taste them all!

To score higher points, you have to remember the consequences of the cupcakes! For instance, two tasty vanilla cupcakes will give you a strawberry one, and two strawberry cupcakes will create a delicious orange cupcake. In that way, you can easily think about the next moves and play in your own strategy!

The sweet graphics of this game will melt the heart of anyone, and the lil' cupcakes will seethe any empty stomach! Play now and enjoy 2048 Cupcakes!

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Game control keys

Use the arrow keys to move all the tiles.

Some great tips and tricks for you!

Don't let the sweetness seduce you from playing. Be focus!

Try not to move in every direction you like and make your game a mess. Try to match the cupcakes in a clever consequence and you can easily add them up later!