is a popular and exciting .io game. This title is a world of colorful snakes with several dots of light in many colors. Once you get into this fascinating world, you can join in a dangerous battle to find food with players around the world. Don’t you know that there are not just some, but hundreds of players attempt to defeat?

You have to grow continuously by eating little circles while killing other players to eat all their mass. No matter how big the size your snake is, the big task of this game is trying to achieve the first rank as being the biggest snake.

You may feel very comfortable if you know that these snakes are no danger to you. You will begin with a small snake who has to make a big effort to gain the lights through a large land while trying to avoid being the food of other bigger snakes. Each time you become longer and bigger, you can eat your smaller enemies. But you have to take notice that bigger snakes can kill you anytime at any place they like!

If you feel bored with the color your snake is, you can decorate your snake by selecting one of 12 different skins and patterns. There are also the flats of all countries for you to show up which nationality you are. You have to make sure that your snake can shine in a colorful, neon graphics with a magic black land. Besides that, this excellent title is a good chance for you to take the fight with millions of players all over the world in real-time multiplayer competitions.

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Game developer

This popular title was created by Steve Howse (Lowtech Studios)

Game release day

March 2016

Control system

Move cursor - move your snake

Use arrow keys- control the direction of your snake popular .io game on Gamsbly

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Great tips and tricks

  • If you want to speed up your snake, try to double click
  • You easily fall to the trap of other snakes if you always want to make a pig of yourself